Massage Therapist

HANNAHHannah Landry LMT, is a graduate of Medical Training College in Baton Rouge. She is a licensed massage therapist by the state of Louisiana.Not only has she obtained certifications in the following areas: medical massage, sports massage, and shoulder specifics, Hannah also has a passion for injury and rehabilitation, and enjoys witnessing the positive outcome of massage therapy in her patients lives.


2 thoughts on “Massage Therapist

    • Sciatic pain is commonly caused by a swollen or herniated disc pressing against the nerve. It may also be caused by a tightness in the piriformis muscle which the sciatic nerve typically passes under or sometimes through. Muscle relaxers are intended to treat spasm which is a side effect that usually accompanies a pinched nerve but it’s also important to treat the underlying cause of the problem. Chiropractic can help by aligning the pelvis and vertebrae thereby reducing stress on the surrounding disc, muscles and nerve roots. Also, spinal decompression therapy is often performed to help reduce pressure inside the disc. Massage works by reducing spasm as well as tension in the affected muscles.
      It’s important to first find out where the pain is coming from by having a thorough examination and x-rays. Treating the condition usually works best with a combination of massage therapy, chiropractic care, and home exercises.

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